Male Energizer Patch

Male Energizer Patch

Male Energizer Patch is developed based on TCM Channel Theory and adopts high techniques of purification, continuously released TCM film and macromolecule permeation. Effective herbal ingredients penetrate into blood circle through Naval area and can regulate blood circulation, strengthen muscles and bones, Increase immunological competence and accelerate metabolism so that to activate sexual capacity and potential.

Dispersing cold and relieve pain, regulate channel and warm stomach;

Relieving exterior syndrome and disperse cold, arrest vomiting,reduce phlegm and relieve cough;

Invigorate the kidney and stop emission.

Characteristics Of The Male Energizer Patch:

  • Extracted from pure herbs, Male Energizer Patch has a lasting and safe curative effect;
  • Apply during sleep, easy and lasting to release medical ingredients into body (8 hours at least);
  • Focus on Guan-yuan Point and cause no harm to stomach, liver etc.
  • Effective ingredients enter into blood directly, which shorten time to take effect.
  • Take effect on Target Organ directly through Channel over body.
  • Promote the blood circulation and secretion of sex gland.It regulate body status rather to pursue the once time of excitement.

Advantages :

  • Assist with erectile Dysfunction.
  • Assist with Premature Ejaculation.
  • Promotes a more Intense Orgasm.
  • Promotes Harder Longer Stronger Erections.
  • Imrpoves Blood Circulation.
  • Restore Male organ tissues and cells
  • 100% Safe, No side Effects.